Launch of a carbon finance platform for the dissemination of improved cookstoves worldwide

Stemming from a public-private partnership, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) aims to create a thriving global market for clean cookstoves and fuels, with a goal by 2020, of enabling 100 million households to adopt clean and efficient cooking technologies.

The website of the Alliance is dedicated to cooking energy issues and solutions (improved stoves, briquettes and biogas). It has just launched its carbon finance platform in collaboration with GERES, South Pole Carbon Asset Management and other technical partners.

More than a complete source of information about this subject, the carbon finance platform offers a unique and simplified calculation tool for project developers.

The Climate Change Unit team of GERES, who has been technically involved in the project, is proud to present it.

To understand and take action, you will find information on:

  • Interactions with climate change;
  • System of carbon accounting and performance tests of reference;
  • Potential of carbon finance, price, templates of contracts and risks to consider;
  • Carbon Project Cycle;
  • Network of actors;
  • Interactive forum;
  • Pre-feasibility analysis tool (potential of carbon credits , risks and financing);
  • Map of registered project developers.

Download the overview

Evaluate your project’s potential

The decision tool will allow you to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study, starting from the eligibility of your project to its financial analysis, with the CDM methodologies and Gold Standard.

154 Programs of Activities (about 300 projects) are registered: they are classified by category (CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, others), by scale (micro, small, large, and POA), by geographical zone…For each of them, a datasheet is available.

Access the carbon finance platform

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