Lima, the last crucial step before the Paris Summit in 2015

For the past seven years, GERES has been participating in all the Conferences of the Parties on climate change in an attempt to influence the fate of our planet’s climate system along with the other civil society actors. And each year, we have left the conference with an overwhelming feeling of frustration.

But this year must be the opportunity to turn the ship around and trigger a virtuous dynamic that will allow us to succeed in the next step. This step will be the Paris summit in 2015 and it will be a very crucial one. The international community has one year left to find an agreement on the new climate framework, which will have to be applicable to all countries and come into force by 2020. Global warming will have to be kept under the critical threshold of +2°C by 2100.

But this agreement is not going to come out of the blue. It wil be the result of a long preparatory work to define the parameters of national commitments: their nature, their scope, their content and their level of ambition. This is why Lima’s step is so decisive for the future. The challenge is to prepare the ground for an agreement that can address the climate emergency.

GERES has a true ground-based experience in this field through its projects led in Europe, Africa, and Asia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the most vulnerable populations adapt to climate change which they are the first victims of. This is why, as the coordinator of the Climate and Development Committee of the main French NGO platform (Coordination SUD), we are working with the French negotiators and our NGO partners to make the voice of civil society heard and collectively succeed in finding an ambitious agreement for Paris Climate 2015. And we will succeed. Because we have no other choice!

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Our side events in Lima

Carbon projects: how NGO’s can make the difference

Thursday December 4th, 2014 | From 10:30am to 12:30pm
European Pavilion
With GERES, AVSF, Fairtrade International, P3Value

Faced with the structural crisis of the carbon market, French NGOs have commissioned a study for an optimized, ethical and transparent use of carbon finance for development projects. This conference in English will discuss the main findings of this study, illustrated with stories of local actors.

Large-scale cookstove programs: measuring and financing impacts

Friday December 5th, 2014 | From 10:30am to 12:00pm
European Pavilion
With GERES, GACC, UNDP, Microsol, Instituto Trabajo y Familia

The CDM usually uses CO2e as the sole indicator of performance but does not evaluate projects based on their sustainability impacts. This session will focus on the role of carbon finance in scaling up clean cookstove projects and will present the new trends on sustainable development measurements.

At the crossroads of POA’s and NAMA’s, potential for advanced monitoring

Tuesday December 9th, 2014 | From 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Caral room (130)
With GERES, Climate Focus, Gold Standard, South Pole, Perspectives GmbH

While PoAs have shown limits in scaling up mitigation activities and NAMAs could allow for the intervention of a larger number of actors and activities, advanced impact measurement, reporting and verification (MRV+) shows great potential to save costs, reduce errors and enhance transparency.

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Our delegation

Marina Gavaldão

Technical Director of GERES’ climate team

Vanessa Laubin

Climate and Territorial Approach Advisor
Coordinator for the Climate and Development Committee of Coordination SUD

Camille André

Project officer for the Climate and Development Committee of Coordination SUD


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