Marie-Noëlle Reboulet is the new president of GERES

The GERES board of directors decided on July 7 to elect Marie-Noëlle Reboulet to be the new president of the association, in replacement of Thierry Cabirol who carried the presidency of GERES over the past 25 years. He received a warm and thankful applause from the members and employees who participated in the general assembly that took place on the same day.

Marie-Noëlle has an educational background in agricultural engineering, but she studied development economics and social anthropology as well. She has also been interested in all development issues and renewable energy topics since the 80’s. In this field, she has been consecutively an activist, a volunteer, an NGO member and employee but also a teacher in a horticultural highschool, an associate in a wind energy engineering company and the executive director of the Poweo foundation.

She has known GERES for a long time, especially as a financial partner between 2008 and 2013, then as a volunteer for the association starting from 2013 and as a board member from 2015. Her election as president of the association is therefore the continuation of this long commitment.

Marie-Noëlle has expressed the wish to see the members and employees, together, pursue their efforts to act, innovate and be useful, so that each one of them can be proud to work with GERES!

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