Supporting citizens’ energy projects: “Energie Partagée” opens in PACA

The energy transition is a central issue in France right now that has led to a national debate and a strong mobilization of all the stakeholders: institutions, professionals and citizens as well. Indeed, there is a growing appropriation of this issue by private individuals who no longer want to be only beneficiaries of this change, but also wish to be actors of this transition.

Setting up of a local renewable energy production, which is an appropriate answer to the energy challenge, should result from the combination of the local authorities’ work and the citizens’ involvement.

The « Energie Partagée » movement fits right into this process by guiding actors though the designing and setting of their projects. Stimulating the development of citizen mobilization, supporting initiatives and participating in these citizen energy projects’ funding, those are the main challenges taken up by “Energie Partagée”.

The “Energie Partagée” initiative has already spread all over France and it now wants to strengthen its support to energy project initiators in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (PACA), by opening its first regional center there.

With the support of PACA’s regional council, and in partnership with Energ’éthique 04, GERES and Enercoop PACA, an “Energie Partagée” coordinator is now locally available in order to bring together a network of citizen energy actors and to boost sustainable energy projects, with the involvement of the PACA inhabitants.

For more information, please contact Arno Foulon:

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