SWITCH-Asia MAG presents ‘Kabul Green Homes’: first SWITCH-Asia project in Afghanistan

Since 2007, SWITCH-Asia has been supporting ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production’ (SDG 12) promotion and demonstration projects across 17 Asian countries. The overall objective of the SWITCH-Asia program is to promote sustainable growth, to contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Asia and to mitigate climate change.

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the SWITCH-ASIA program has published a special issue of the SWITCH-Asia Magazine, which provides an overview of the impact generated by the program in its first decade, from social impact to technological upgrades, from policy development to new financing solutions.

Among the grant projects, milestones and outstanding success stories pointed out in this edition, a chapter has been dedicated to the  ‘Kabul Green Homes’ project, implemented by GERES since 2016. It is the first SWITCH-Asia project in Afghanistan. The main objective is to disseminate bioclimatic solutions for urban housing in 15 districts in the capital of Afghanistan, such as Passive Solar House techniques, that use insulation and solar energy, the latter being both abundant and free in the region of Kabul.

In a conversation with Silvia Sartori of the Network Facility, GERES project manager Riaz Ramin presents the project’s objectives and approach and explains why green buildings play a critical role in its development.

The full interview with Riaz Rameen about the « Kabul Green Homes » project is on page 36 of the magazine.


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