The COMPOSE Project is bringing local positive energy around the Mediterranean

The COMPOSE project contributes to improve energy efficiency and local development in North Mediterranean countries.

Jeu tri slectif avec KSThe three-year project COMPOSE aims at increasing the share of renewable local energy sources in energy mix strategies in 11 Mediterranean regions. Thanks to the exchange of expertise, experience and innovative approaches, the partners will implement 15 pilot actions. These actions will show local communities concrete examples of the potential of energy efficiency measures and of renewable energy sources to contribute not only to energy savings but also to local economic development.

In France, the COMPOSE project is conducted by GERES.

Benefiting from the shared knowledge and experience, GERES is implementing a pilot action in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur area. Its main objective is to increase housing energy efficiency, especially for low-income households. We are organizing several meetings with stakeholders, to consider both technical and socio-economical aspects of planned energy-saving measures and renewable energy sources, in order to add value to communities.

GERES’ pilot action takes place in the metropolis area of Aix-Marseille-Provence and is carried out in partnership with local organizations. The action focuses on the development of local energy efficiency measures: home visits, diagnosis and advice.

Training courses are provided in addition to the implemented actions.

By joining experiences from all pilot actions implementation, training materials for decision makers and development planners will be produced and put to public use. This approach will contribute to more sustainable development regarding the planning of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources in the areas covered by the project, and hopefully beyond, in other Mediterranean countries.


For more information on the COMPOSE project, local pilot actions or the training offer, please contact:

Marie-Maud GERARD
GERES Energy project manager

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