Webinar: a free decision tool for carbon project developers

Nexus-Carbon for Development will host a webinar to introduce the new CDM Decision Tool created by GERES and its partners on Thursday December 6th (9:00am UTC). This tool aims at helping development practioners finance or co-finance their low carbon projects.

The idea of developing this tool came from the realization that the technical complexity of the carbon finance mechanisms have shown limits. It is an important barrier, in most Least Developed Countries, for project developers who wish to assess the feasibility of funding their future carbon project.

This is why GERES has developed a free-access decision tool to facilitate the assessment of small scale projects and reduce the knowledge gap between project developers and carbon finance specialists.

For more information on this tool, you can take a look at our project brief.

Tool download

The CDM Decision Tool is available for download on our website.

Webinar registration

To register for the webinar (Dec 6) and receive all the information, please contact Nexus at this followinge-mail address:


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