For support in farmer biofuel trials

GERES/IRAM position paper on biofuels in Africa. Seeing the vigorous campaign waged against industrial biofuels by many international solidarity NGOs, GERES and IRAM can only share the criticisms voiced. The devastating impacts that biofuel crops grown in intensive monoculture for non-local use can have on both people and ecosystems, which include deforestation, land grabbing and threats to food security, are now widely recognized. Nevertheless, GERES and IRAM want to turn the spotlight onto farmer biofuels.

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Climate solidarity

GERES is an association specialized in implementing development and cooperation projects, both in France and in countries of the South. Our teams work to improve the living conditions of the poorest populations, particularly by reducing their lack of energy security. GERES integrates environmental conservation into its programs and tries to limit climate change and its consequences.

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