10 NGOs demand a framework for corporate contributions to development

Ten days after the French President closed the Consultation process, Groupe Initiatives has asked Pascal Canfin, Minister for Development, and Benoit Hamon, Minister for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumption, to include in the Consultation’s findings the terms and conditions governing a new phase of co-operation between the public authorities, businesses and associations in respect of inclusive, sustainable development operations…

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Reporting back from Doha : mobilizing for a fair climate deal

On her return from the Climate Change Conference (COP 18) where she was representing GERES, our climate expert Vanessa Laubin gives us this report. The disappointment may have been particularly harsh, but this does not mean that civil society should give up the fight. Now more than ever, we all need to be aware of the climate emergency and mobilize accordingly.

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GERES celebrates 10 years in Afghanistan

Since 2002, Afghanistan has been engaged in a reconstruction process funded by international aid. GERES has been involved from the outset with the plan to introduce energy efficiency techniques into the renovation of public buildings (schools, hospitals and government buildings). Then, in 2004, GERES began to apply the techniques and successful experiments to the improvement of rural housing, setting up vocational training centres. As a result, in 2010 and 2012, two major projects were completed.

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