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Cicle network

The Cicle network is a platform open to all for exchanging, advising and sharing knowledge on climate and energy cooperation. Its objectives are to capitalize on existing knowledge and put it at everyone’s disposal, to build capacities, to foster the dialog between various actors and and mobilize lawmakers and the general public on energy and climate cooperation.

CLER, Network for energy transition

The CLER was set up in 1984 and now includes more than 150 energy professionals spread throughout French territory. CLER seeks to facilitate a network of field practitioners, providing information about developments in renewable energies, supporting projects to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency and backing job creation in these sectors.

Club France Développement Durable

After Rio+20, Comité 21 decided to go forward with its “Club France Rio+20” by creating “Club France Développement Durable”. This network aims at pursuing the mobilization of non-state actors in France to contribute to the future international confrences dedicated to the environment and sustainable development, especially in the perspective of the 21st UN conference on climate change to be held in France in 2015.

Coordination SUD

Coordination SUD is a non-profit-making association which co-ordinates French international solidarity NGOs. Set up in 1994, it includes six NGO collectives (CLONG-Volontariat, CNAJEP, Agen Co-ordination, CRID, FORIM and Groupe Initiatives) and more than 130 NGOs which work in the fields of emergency humanitarian aid, development aid, environmental protection and defence of the human rights of disadvantaged communities, as well as international solidarity education and advocacy.

Since 2013, GERES has been leading the work of the Climate and Development Commission, a work group made of 15 member-organizations of Coordination SUD. Their aim is to reinforce national and international actions to fight against climate change in the developing countries.

Envirobat Méditerranée

Envirobat Méditerranée is an association, the object of which is to pass on the know-how, to discuss and to innovate for a sustainable development of the developments and buildings in Mediterranean region. In 2012, she includes more than 200 structures members that regroup more than 500 persons in region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

French Environment and Sustainable Development Commitee (Comité 21)

Comité 21 is a non-profit-making association, set up in 1995 to drive Agenda 21 in France. The action plan for the 21st century ratified at the Earth Summit in Rio, Agenda 21 calls on decision-makers and citizens to take part in the changes everyone must make to preserve the planet and build development with a fairer, more responsible and more human face.

French International Solidarity Committee (CFSI)

The CFSI is a development NGO. Its priority is to combat hunger, poverty and inequalities, guided by the principle of long-term commitment to development programmes and projects in response to initiatives from local organizations aimed at improving the situation of poor communities.

Groupe Initiatives

Set up in November 1993, Groupe Initiatives is a collective of international professional co-operation and development aid associations that have come together to combine their experience and know-how to reflect, take action and make proposals on key issues. It provides a forum for exchange, debate and pooling skills.

Inter-Réseau Agriculture, Energie et Environnement (IRAEE)

IRAEE is a network for agriculture, energy and environment that aims at advising, supporting and developing climate change projects. Its mission: to develop the profession of agro-energy environment consultant, to highlight the energy best practices and to lead a regional resource hub.

Technical Association Energy Environment (ATEE)

ATEE gathers stakeholders concerned by energy and environment issues in their professional activity. Created in 1978, the Association now has 1.800 members. The ATEE try to help its members. The ATEE tries to help her members in the development of their knowledge and in the optimization of their management and their decision-making. Strength of recognized proposal, often consulted by public authorities, ATEE represents a national and multi-level head of network on the energy questions. The GERES, belong also to its “club Biogas”.

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Territoires Solidaires

Territoires Solidaires aims for the development and the improvement of decentralised cooperation and international solidarity actions conducted by all the public and private stakeholders in the French region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

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