A women’s group received the POWEO Foundation award

A women’s group in Benin runs activities in production and promotion of renewable energy. Those activities are supported by GERES and its partner PlaNet Finance. The group named “KPONDEOU » supports women in difficult situation who had to abandon their children. Today, the group runs income generating activities to improve life conditions of their families and preserve our environment. The President will be invited in October for the official award ceremony which will take place in Paris.

The group KPONDEOU from Za-Kpota in Benin received the POWEO Foundation award in the «women» category which represents an amount of 10 000 €. The group is composed by 124 producers and is supported by GERES. The NGO PlaNet Finance, a project partner, helped them to compete for the award.

The idea to create a women’s group came from the current President, Juliette KETEHOUNDJE. Juliette saw other women in her community who had to abandon their children because of a precarious situation. She decided to contribute ending child trafficking by forming a group of widows and lonely mothers. The group started its activities on the 4th of April 2001.

Today, the group runs activities to transform raw materials in agro-food. « We wanted to reward an active and dynamic woman in the energy sector. These women in Benin have been rewarded for their skills to generate income and support their families. We hope and we encourage them to invest the amount in new activities in the energy sector” said Marie-Noëlle Reboulet, general director of the POWEO Foundation.

The President of the group Juliette KETEHOUNDJE expressed her gratitude: « We, members of the group, are happy to hear about this good news. » The group has already decided to invest the amount in installing new solar panels and new equipments for their multiservices platform.

The official award ceremony will take place in Paris in October 2012 in the context of the International year of sustainable energy for all. Juliette KETEHOUNDJE will personnally be invited to receive the award.

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