COP17: GERES in Durban

GERES, which gained a strong field experience and a recognized expertise in fight against Climate Change, will raise its voice at the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban, South Africa. The delegation will advocate for a stronger Climate solidarity and a stronger involvement of the industrialized countries to support less advanced countries for the sake of their historic responsibility.

From 28th November to 9th December 2011, at the next summit on Climate Change, 194 countries will meet with the purpose of reaching an agreement to address the Climate Change issue. After the failure in Copenhague in 2009 and the mitigated success in Cancun (Mexico) in 2010, the summit in Durban this year is a highlight to estimate the ability of our leaders to take efficient measures to tackle the Climate Change issue.

Numerous challenges and new questions were raised this year during the preparatory meetings in Bangkok, Bonn and Panama. Those meetings let us think that there is a weak political will to adopt a binding framework in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The future of the Protocol of Kyoto will be at the heart of all debates and the possibility of a second period of involvement will be discussed.

GERES at the UN Climate summit in Durban

A GERES delegation in Durban will advocate for a better understanding and integration of local realities and Nort-South solidarity in all negotiations. GERES also advocates for the use of innovating mechanisms such as Finance Carbon to ensure sustainable development and the transfer of clean technologies in developing countries. Since the last conference in Cancun, GERES coordinates a working group on the “Suppressed demand”, a method which supports development and access to energy for vulnerable populations. The objective today is to make this principle better recognized and to support its implementation.

In Durban, GERES is part of a delegation of French NGO’s members of the Climate-Development Commission initiated by Coordination Sud in partnership with the network Action Climat France. The delegation will advocate for a better Climate equity in perspective of the new financial and juridical framework on adaptation to Climate Change.

Perspectives for this new and global conference on Climate are not very good but last preparatory debates in Panama allow us to hope for new positive evolutions. Priorities for negotiators should be :
–    finding an agreement on a new international framework by the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto protocol
–    concretizing the creation of a Green Fund and including developing countries in the governance
–    implementing a new framework for the Adaptation

GERES and its partners defend the interests of vulnerable populations in all decisions.

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