Energy Access in Africa: a priority for the next decade

Find GERES at Convergences, the global solidarity forum

Aubagne, 9 September 2013.
Long neglected, access to energy is now recognized as key to human development. Convinced of the importance of meeting the global challenge of access to energy for all, GERES looks forward to seeing you at the Convergences forum on 18 September 2013 at the side event on Energy Access in Africa, organized jointly with the NGO Africa Express.

Between 17 and 19 September, more than 5000 French and international stakeholders will meet in Paris at the 6th Convergences 2015 Forum, seeking to build a sustainable, fair society together, reduce poverty and thereby achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Energy, a key development issue

Afrique-Benin-SetupMore than 580 million people have no access to electricity in Africa. Dependency on fossil fuels has serious consequences for countries’ economic activities. In sub-Saharan regions, biomass is the most important energy source. In Mali for example, wood accounts for 80% of energy consumption, so this forest resource is under serious threat.
In rural areas, residents have very limited and sometimes non-existent access to fuel, biomass or electricity. This energy poverty situation hampers economic development and endangers health and people’s living conditions.

But there are solutions: use of renewable energy and better use of resources can improve access to sustainable, cheap energy solutions.
Having worked in Africa for more than 20 years, GERES is now developing techniques adapted to local circumstances in Benin and Mali, which have a beneficial impact on residents’ health and local development.

The side event “Energy Access in Africa” will give us the opportunity to present our view on energy access issues, based on our field experience in West Africa, particularly through two projects: one focusing on clean energy production and the other on energy efficiency.

  • Large-scale dissemination of improved stoves and sustainable fuels
  • Support to a local farmer biofuel supply chain based on jatropha oil

After giving an overview of existing solutions, the NGO Africa Express will show a video on the results of a study conducted into 25 energy projects in 22 African countries. In Benin, the Africa Express team filmed the GERES project to set up a local farmer biofuel supply chain.
If you want to grasp the issues and take part in the debate, please come and join us.


Side event: “Energy Access in Africa: Keys to the successful development of sustainable projects”
Wednesday 18 September – 9.30 – 11 a.m. – Palais Brongniart – Room 3
A side event organized by Africa Express and GERES


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