GERES will participate in the 14th conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland

The UNFCCC conference is expected to represent a milestone in the climate change policy negotiation process, paving the way for a new agreement in 2009, to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Representatives of the 192 UNFCCC ratifying parties will tackle key issues such as risk management and long term greenhouse gase emissions reduction commitments. The objective is to reach an agreement at the 2009 UNFCCC conference in Copenhagen and to ensure the new treaty is ratified by the end of 2012.

Over ten thousand participants are expected to attend the conference in Poznan. Building on their experience from participating in last year’s UNFCCC conference in Bali, GERES is organising a side event at the 2008 UNFCCC conference, on the 5th of December. The event will take place from 1-3pm under the EU pavilion and is entitled “Fighting both climate change and poverty”.

A panel of experts will discuss the following initiatives:

Carbon Solidarity Asia (CSA)
Following the success of their wood energy program, which started in Cambodia in 1997, GERES initiated CSA in April 2008. CSA was created by and for project developers, and will ultimately be supported entirely by carbon finance. CSA’s primary aim is to fund the scaling-up of emissions reduction projects that have a strong sustainable development focus. This will be achieved through sharing expertise and other resources among members.

Best practices guidebook “Energy-Climate-Development”
GERES will release a guidebook, targeting project developers and donors, which shares best practices in integrating climate change issues into development projects and provides supporting decision making tools and technical information. The guidebook is entitled “Energy-Climate-Development” and published in French and English.

GERES will also discuss a new collaboration with French bank Crédit Coopératif, which aims to create an innovation fund dedicated to alternative and renewable energies. The fund, known as FIDEAR, is supported by the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA) – in particular, the personal commitment of the FEBEA president, Karol Sachs – and by the “Mont Blanc Meetings” (RMB – Rencontres du Mont Blanc).

Thirty years experience in implementing development projects and promoting solidarity in the pursuit of sustainable development have equipped GERES with dual expertise – in both development and climate change. GERES’ participation in the 14th UNFCCC conference is motivated by their desire to share their expertise and experiences in order to accelerate the up-scaling of projects that simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and alleviate poverty.

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