New International Recognition for GERES New Lao Stove Project in Cambodia

GERES received the PCIA Global Leadership Award for its fight against indoor air pollution through its dissemination and development program for improved cookstoves in Cambodia. The award was presented February 23, 2011, in Lima, Peru.

International recognition…

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) recognizes the contribution of GERES in promoting energy efficiency, reducing indoor air pollution, and fighting against climate change through its program to design and disseminate improved cookstoves throughout Cambodia.

Since 2003, GERES has assisted in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of small cookstoves for home use which are more energy efficient than other models on the market, reducing the pressure for fuelwood, a leading cause of deforestation and threat to the ecosystem of Cambodia. The NLS is a cornerstone of a virtuous circle that responds to specific environmental issues (the fight against deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions), health issues (reducing the mortality of women and children due to excessive pollution when cooking), and socioeconomic issues (9 million US dollars have been saved by users since 2003). Today, over 1.3 million New Lao Stoves have been sold nationwide.

… For a sharing of best practices.

With this new recognition, GERES is eager to share the knowledge that it gained through successful development of the New Lao Stove project with other project developers and countries.

“The widespread dissemination of improved cookstoves is a step we must take, especially in Africa and Asia where demand is strongest. In recent decades, efforts to disseminate improved cookstoves to reduce wood consumption failed to meet needs,” says Iwan Baskoro, NLS Project Leader for GERES. “Some countries ask us for assistance through their ministries, their businesses, and their community organizations, but as of yet there is still nowhere to formalize the sharing of best practices”.

GERES therefore wishes to foster a dynamic sharing of best practices for dissemination of improved cookstoves in Asia and Africa. The aim is to encourage technical and organizational innovations, facilitate access to long-term funding mechanisms (carbon finance), and professionalize the large-scale commercialization of energy-efficient technologies by adapting strategies to the unique circumstances of different countries.

Key figures

Over 1.3 million New Lao Stoves have been sold in Cambodia since 2003 ;
The average NLS uses 22% less fuel than a traditional cookstove ;
More than 769,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided ;
Drastic reduction of air pollution in homes and kitchens through reduced smoke emissions

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