Sustainable biomass project in Morocco wins Energy Globe Award

On 20 May, at the Austrian Embassy in Paris, GERES was awarded the Energy Globe Award for its work in Morocco over the last six years disseminating efficient gas ovens as an alternative to the intensive use of charcoal, which is responsible for the country’s deforestation

The Energy Globe Award is an Austrian prize awarded to initiatives that conserve natural resources and use renewable energies or resources that do not create CO2 emissions.

GERES was rewarded for its integrated project in Morocco aimed at sustainable energy management in rural areas. This work takes the form of two complementary components that are adapted to the rural communities: on the one hand, the dissemination of efficient ovens for baking bread and, on the other, the sustainable management of local biomass energy.

In terms of ovens, GERES is beginning to roll-out efficient gas ovens which should, gradually, replace the traditional wood burning ovens. Energy-intensive and inefficient, these traditional ovens emit huge amounts of harmful smoke and cause serious respiratory illnesses.

The gas ovens  also have an advantage for women and children in that they do away with the arduous task of having to collect firewood. As the forest began to disappear, this task was becoming increasingly difficult and they were having to go further and further to find wood.

In addition, the lack of sustainable forest management is resulting in significant deforestation, which in turn is causing serious soil erosion.

The project has distributed efficient gas ovens to 40 villages in the municipalities of Brikcha, Ain Beyda and Tanakoub.

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Future prospects

Objectives for 2015: scale-up production for a  greater roll-out of the project. The project anticipates providing ovens to another six rural municipalities in the Bouchachem regional park (Rif mountains) and two more in the Asrou-Midelt Sefrou (Middle Atlas) environmental corridor.

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