The European project SHARE opens up to local experts to balance hydropower and alpine rivers conservation

The 13 European partners of the SHARE project are meeting in Marseille (France) from the 11th to the 13th April. On this occasion, SHARE invites the stakeholders of the hydropower in the Alps to join the local technical panels.

Growing conflict in the use of alpine rivers

Water tower of continental Europe, the Alps are a key freshwater supply The Alps are a shelter or more than 40,000 animal and vegetal species. As such, various ecosystems and millions of European citizens rely on alpine rivers. In addition, these are coveted for their energetic potential. Indeed, hydropower is in this area the first source of renewable energy (more than 90% of the electricity production). If it is particularly advantageous in limiting CO2 emissions, its ecological impacts are significant. SHARE helps to make the increase in the demand for renewable energy compatible with the consideration of the alpine aquatic environment conservation.

SHARE – Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems

The SHARE project (2009 – 2012) involves 13 partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia and from various backgrounds and fields of expertise working together towards one goal: balancing hydropower requirements and in the conservation of river ecosystems in the Alps. In order to bring practical solutions to the administrators of mountain areas and improve the consistency and transparency of the decision criteria, SHARE will equip them with custom-made tools in their decision-making process (software, databases, indicators, etc.).

Appeal to join the Permanent Technical Panel

To ensure that SHARE’s approach is comprehensive and that the tools are realistic, unbiased and efficient, SHARE wants to elaborate them with the input from all stakeholders in water management issues. As such, SHARE invites administrators, local decision makers, hydropower companies, alpine rivers’ users and defenders, to make their voice heard and benefit from the project results by joining the Permanent Technical Panel.
Becoming a member is free and requires an online subscription at

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