Press review 2010

Libération (FR) – 2010/12/08 – Innovative funding, Cancun Conference
There is a lack of vision on carbon finance

Environnement magazine (FR) – 2010/10/01 – Energy efficiency, Afghanistan
A French NGO is insulating buildings in Afghanistan (lien PDF)

RFI (FR) – C’est pas du vent (It’s not hot air)  – 2010/09/06 – Improved stoves, Cambodia
Environment news with Alain Guinebault and report from Cambodia

Univers-Nature (FR) – 2010/07/26 – Improved stoves, Cambodia
Cambodia: an improved stove to combat deforestation

The New York Times (US) – 2010/01/04 – Carbon briquette, Cambodia
Green (A blog about Energy and the environment)
Biomass Briquette Plant Opens in Cambodia

Econostrum (FR) – 2010/04/12 – Renewable energy
UPM’s Mediterranean solar plan lights up the Paris Forum

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