Press review 2012

Deutsche Welle (DE) – Global 3000 – 2012/12/18 Farmer biofuels, Benin
“Biodiesel Makes Life Easier for Women in Benin”  (6’41 – in English, German and Spanish – English subtitles)

Yabilali (MA) – 2012/12/14 – Energy poverty, Morocco
“Environment in Morocco: poverty is the real cause of deforestation”

RFI (FR) – C’est pas du Vent (It’s not hot air)  – 2012/12/02 – Bioclimatic housing, Afghanistan
“GERES: protecting the climate in the interests of development”

Youfil (FR) – 2012/12/24 – Improved stoves, Benin
“Improved stoves: a sustainable solution for Africa
Feature: The top 10 solidarity initiatives from 2012

Baromètre de la faim 2012 (FR) – 2012/10/15 – Farmer biofuels, Africa
“A different kind of biofuel”

Terra Eco (FR) – 2012/08/13 – Farmer biofuels, Africa
“In Benin, jatropha means jobs not starvation” 

Environnement magazine (FR) – 2012/06 – Innovative funding
“Crédit coopératif accepts the solidarity tax”

Le Podcast journal (MC) – 2012/04/20 – Farmer biofuels
“Growing jatropha in Benin: a response to local energy needs

CNN – 2012/06/03 (US) – Climate change, Indian Himalayas
“Man creates glaciers to save village”

La Croix (FR) – 2012/04/04 – Innovative funding
“Solidarity funding gives another meaning to the ‘butterfly effect’”

La Provence (FR) – 2012/03/23 – Home composting
“Learn to make your own compost”

France Inter (FR) – Une idée pour agir (An idea for action) – 2012/05/30 – Energy poverty
“Energy saving for the most vulnerable”

360° (FR) – 2012/01/01 Overview of the BPCE group
“CVTC-Foreign exchange solidarity: Crédit Coopératif chooses a GERES development project”

Reporteurs d’Espoirs (FR) – 2012/01/25 – Innovative funding
“Crédit coopératif subsidizes the construction of 1000 solar houses in the Indian Himalayas”

La Ciotat TV (FR) – 2012/12/04 – Garden composting
“Report on the compost tour as part of European waste reduction week”” (2′)

Politis (FR) – 2012/07/22 – Improved stoves, Cambodia
“Better cooking is a hit

France 3 Provence-Alpes (FR) – Priori-Terre – 2011/06/10 – Home composting
Report from the Espérance Gardens in la Ciotat (France) (4′)

TV5 Monde (FR) – Coup de pouce sur la Planète (Helping the Planet on its way)– 2012/10/09 – Improved stoves, Cambodia
Report on the New Lao Stove project in Cambodia

TV5 Monde (FR) – Coup de pouce pour la Planète (Helping the Planet on its way ) – 2012/06/01 Biomass, Morocco
AEFE 2012 competition – GERES project at Massignon secondary school

TV5 Cambodia (KH) – Local news – 2011/02/24 – Sustainable carbon briquettes
Report on the FGFE company (2′ – in Khmer with English subtitles)

The Independent (UK) – 2012/01/22 – Artificial glacier, Indian Himalayas
“Creating glaciers out of thin air”

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