Press review 2013

RFI (FR) – 2013/09/21 – Echo from here and elsewhere – Millennium Development Goals – Access to Energy – Africa
“The issue of access to energy is found in five evaluation criteria of the MDGs” ; ITW Alain Guinebault (from 10’50 to 14’54)

 RCF (FR) – Ecuador – 2013/09/10 – Access to Energy Africa
“Problems and solutions related to energy poverty in France and Europe”

 The Economist (UK) – 2013/07/13 – Artificial glacier, Indian Himalayas
“Do-it-yourself glaciers – The iceman cometh”

Cler infos (FR) – 2013/05 – Improved stoves, farmer biofuels, innovative funding
No. I4 – Co-operation and energy – Funding and field work
“Which funding arrangements, recent developments and prospects”

 Comité 21 (FR) – 2013/04/25 – Electronic bulletin No. 140 – Innovative funding
“GERES is conducting a study on the theme of ethical, responsible carbon finance”

Le Soir (MA) – 2013/04/16 – Energy efficiency, Morocco
“Promoting energy efficiency via micro-finance”

RFI (FR) – C’est pas du Vent  (It’s not hot air), 2013/03/24 – Improved stoves, GACC Forum, Cambodia
“Looking for global sustainable development solutions: the Clean Cooking Forum”

Le Monde (FR) – 2013/03/18 – Improved stoves, Cambodia
“Pollution from cooking is said to cause 4 million premature deaths around the world”

L’express (FR) – Express yourself – 2013/02/27 – Groupe Initiatives
“International solidarity: let’s get away from pointless confrontation between NGOs and businesses!”

Médiaterre (FR) – 2013/02/19 – Carbon offsetting
“Pascal Canfin commits to climate solidarity”

Europe1 (FR) – 2013/01/21 – Carbon offsetting
“Parliament wants to offset the carbon footprint of more than 400 MPs travelling to Berlin”

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