Catalog of efficient technolgies in Tajikistan

Type of publication: Technical guide

  • Edition: GERES
  • Author: A. Mahmadaminov, B. T. Owens, C. Oriol, M. Pochoev, N. Khusenova
  • Year: 2013
  • Language: English
  • Pages: catalogue : 44p. ; Manuals : 16 to 52p.

9 ways of saving energy for rural households…

GERES has been in Tajikistan since 2011 with the aim to develop a sustainable process that will improve the living conditions and economic opportunities of around 1,000 vulnerable rural households.

To do so, GERES has developed and improved various existing household and agricultural energy efficient and energy saving technologies, such as primarily passive solar and thermal insulation techniques. Reducing the need for fuel reduces the pressure on biomass resources. In addition, the bioclimatic techniques are used to reinforce the means of production, preservation and distribution of agricultural products.

A professional catalogue of all technologies promoted by GERES Tajikistan has been designed and published. The catalogue was printed in Tajik, Uzbek and English.

GERES Tajikistan also published instruction manuals for every technology promoted to guide artisans and the local population in constructing energy efficient and energy saving technologies.

Download the catalogue

Download the instruction manuals


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