Central Asia

Context of this area

Central Asia has an unforgiving continental climate with dry summers and very harsh winters. The countries in the region face many energy and food crises. GERES’ solutions mainly focus on housing and agriculture: energy-saving for homes, low-energy cooking and heating appliances and support for family farming through improvement of farming techniques.

GERES in central Asia

  • Mongolia experiences long, very harsh winters that restrict the farming season to three or four months per year. However, the country enjoys significant sunshine, earning it the nickname “the blue sky country”. Since 2010, GERES has been harnessing this important source of solar power to improve growing under glass.
  • In Kabul, Afghanistan, GERES is building the capacities of local businesses and craftsmen and spreading the word about techniques to help families save energy. In Bamyan province, GERES has undertaken an agricultural project to ensure sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Since 2011, GERES has been working in Tajikistan to develop sustainable farming techniques meeting people’s needs, while preserving natural resources. At the same time, bioclimatic solutions such as double glazing, home insulation and improved stoves are being disseminated in order to improve the indoor comfort/fuel consumption ratio.
  • Following more than 25 years working in the Indian Himalayas and the completion at the end of 2012 of the project to construct 1000 passive solar buildings, GERES transferred responsibility to the local organizations for capitalizing knowledge of bioclimatic solutions and disseminating them amongst the local population.

Some key figures

  • 1,845 passive solar houses built in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2013
  • 1,034 passive solar buildings built in Ladakh between 2008 and 2012
  • 55 artisans trained in Afghanistan in the construction of solar conservatories and 1,000 engineers trained in the technique
  • 237 local masons and carpenters trained in India to build passive solar buildings
  • 242 bioclimatic greenhouses built in Mongolia since 2010
  • 87 greenhouses, 46 cellars, and 7 henhouses built in Tajikistan since 2013
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