Screening tool for calculating the potential carbon finance projects

Available from carbon finance portal of the GACC, the project screening tool collects detailed information about your improved cookstove or biogas project to screen it for eligibility for the carbon methodologies below, as well as performs a cost benefit and risk analysis for the project..

This tool has been designed to fit the needs of users ranging from:

  • The carbon specialist, with in-depth knowledge of project-specific information, who is looking for a precise estimation of the project’s carbon finance potential;
  • The carbon beginner, with only basic information about the project, who wants to get a first rough estimation of their project’s carbon finance potential.

The screening tool

This tool is available inline, ont the GAAC website:

Screening tool for calculating the potential carbon finance projects


To get a precise estimation of the carbon finance potential, the tool requires detailed information about your project that could take 45 minutes to 3 hours to input. Specifically, you will have to complete the required fields to develop your own assumptions and obtain:

  • The average selling price for your carbon credits
  • financial discount rate or costs of capital
  • For improved cookstoves, the baseline fuel consumption
  • For Biogas,no
  • Unit rated energy production capacity
  • CO2 emissions from the use of electricity or fossil fuels

Project data is entered into a series of modules that are designed to progressively build up the project scenario according to the inputs, and each module is only accessible once the previous module has been completed:

  • Module 0: Project information & Applicability
  • Module 1: Eligibility
  • Module 2: CER / VER Potential
  • Module 21: CER / VER Potential Biogas
  • Module 3: Financial Viability-CER
  • Module 31: Financial Viability-VER
  • Module 4: – Risk Analysis
  • Module 5: Screen Summary

Legal notice

  • Réalisation : The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, GERES, South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd., Climate Focus and Impact Carbon
  • Technical Partners : Nexus – Carbon For Development, Global Village Energy Partnership International, and the Gold Standard Foundation.
  • Fundings: The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • Year: 2013
  • Language: English
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