Biomass energy

An essential energy in the least developed countries and a modern, sustainable energy thanks to technological innovation

Firewood and charcoal production generate around US$33 billion every year on a planetary scale. Some 2.7 billion people presently depend on biomass for cooking and this figure is likely to remain high for some decades yet.

Solid biomass, including wood, charcoal and agricultural residues, is vital to meet these people’s elementary survival needs. In some regions and particularly in Africa, it is expected that use of solid biomass will increase due to population growth and urbanization. For the poorest people on the planet, “high-tech fuels” are often unavailable, inaccessible or too expensive. That situation is likely to persist for many years to come. We are therefore militating for more efficient, cleaner use of biomass energy, as a complement to other measures facilitating access to electricity or LPG, in order to avoid creating an even more serious energy gap in developing countries. Technological innovation can bring about changes and biomass, as a renewable, relevant energy, can be used in a more sustainable and modern way through efficient processing and use, coupled with sustainable forest management practices.

We support solutions appropriate to stakeholders’ needs and concerns which take the whole value chain into account. In addition to targeting households through the production of improved stoves, we support small and medium scale food processing activities using biomass energy.


Our biomass and energy services

We offer services designed to meet the most important needs of project developers in South-East Asia and West

  • Africa.Baseline study
  • Trials and R&D
  • Standards and quality labelling
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Research and advocacy
  • Access to funding
  • Support for entrepreneurship
  • StovePlus Academy


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Marina Dubois

Marina Dubois holds a Master in Management of development projects and has more than 10 years of experience in designing, implementing and evaluating programs for Non-Governmental Organizations. Over the years and throughout her experience working in entrepreneurship, child rights, reproductive health, and cooking energy, she specialized in partnership approach and community mobilization and acquired sound knowledge of gender issues. She is an expert in Management, Capacity Building and Monitoring and Evaluation. Her academic experience and career path brought her to Australia, Burkina Faso, India and Nepal, and she has dedicated the last 8 years working in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar, with international assignments in West Africa.

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