Call for proposals

Invitation to bid for Switch Off Air Pollution project scale up strategy study

Deadline to apply



Geres is implementing the “Energy efficiency advisory and financial intermediation for sustainable housing in unplanned areas of Ulaanbaatar project” (Switch Off Air Pollution). The project is part of a wider SWITCH program portfolio funded by the European Commission in “Asia SWITCH Asia II – Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production” with priority to support to switch to sustainable consumption patterns and behavior amongst consumer groups, civil society stakeholders and in the public sector.

The project has been designed together with four parties taking into account assumptions in particular Thermal Efficiency in housing, addressing low to middle income households needs in Ulaanbaatar ger- area.

The project started on 1st of January 2018 and it will last four years.  Overall objective by the budget of the action is to improve living conditions of ger area inhabitants by reducing air pollution through improving the energy efficiency of 1,000 households, reducing in average their energy consumption 30%.


The particular objective of this assignment is the following:
Defining possible options for scale-up of SOAP, with different levels of ambitions, corresponding social, economic and environmental impacts and budget needs. Exploring different avenues for financing, with a core focus on climate finance, including access paths and likelihood of success.

The service provider will do the fowollowing missions:

  • Report on scenarios and corresponding budgets and impact assessments;
  • Report on financing options and strategy;
  • Action plan to roll-out the financing strategy.

Start date and implementation period

The assignment should last 4 to 6 months, starting December 2020. The expected duration period for the first part is one month and half to two months, for the second part one month, and for the last part one month and a half to two months.

Application requirements

Bids must include all documents requested in point 3 above and be submitted exclusively to the contracting authority:

  • by email to the following address:

Beatriz Maroto Izquierdo:

Deadline to apply: 11/28/2020, 6pm GMT+2


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