Energy efficiency and thermal comfort of educational buildings in Arkhangai

This project, whose action program runs from 2019 to 2021, aims at improving education conditions in schools in Arkhangai by optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Context and challenges

The Arkhangai Province is a predominantly rural area located in the heart of the Khangai Mountain in Mongolia. It is characterized by an extreme continental climate with hot summers and long, dry and extremely cold winters.

Geres has been working in Arkhangai since 2012 in partnership with civil society and local authorities. A Community-based study and awareness and capacity building activities has shown that global warming is a pressing reality for the Arkhangai population.
Over-reliance on coal for heating and cooking purposes is a key factor to Greenhouse Gases emissions and strongly contributes to air pollution. Related health problems disproportionately affect children, pregnant and lactating women, and elderly.

Most public buildings (educational, health, social, administration) don’t comply with insulation standards, offering very poor comfort to their occupants.

The pilot construction of an energy-efficient bioclimatic building housing a safe house for victims of domestic violence in the provincial capital, carried out by Geres in 2018- 2019, has shown the interest and relevance of this type of construction to reduce the consumption of coal dependence, energy expenditure and improve the living conditions of users.

Objectives and solutions

In order to contribute to reduce carbon footprint and increase resilience to climate change through an inclusive energy transition in Arkhangai province this project focuses on three complementary axes:

  • Pilot interventions in educational buildings demonstrating the feasibility and relevance of improving energy efficiency in public buildings to improve the comfort and well-being of occupants and users, reduce energy savings expenses and reduce air pollution.
  • The gradual rise in skills of professionals in the buildings sector, allowing the emergence of a local supply of solutions related to energy efficiency sustainable energy services.
  • Raising awareness of territorial stakeholders (public authorities, associations, citizens, etc.), strengthening local institutions capacities for energy-climate planning.


  • 700 school children and educational personnel will benefit from better thermal comfort
  • 12,000 citizens aware of energy and climate issues
  • 20 construction companies, more than 180 craftsperson and / or entrepreneurs supported
  • 96,000 inhabitants of Arkhangai will, benefit from better local policies
  • 400 elected officials and technicians from institutions, as well as 2 local associations strengthened on energy-climate issues

Technical partners

  • Government of Arkhangai
  • “Sustainable Future Development” association
  • Provincial Union Builders NGO


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Project sheet

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Public building’s energy performance certificate (Mongolian version)

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The Energy Efficiency of Public buildings in Arkhangai Province CEMAATERR-II (English version)

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The Energy Efficiency of Public buildings in Arkhangai Province (Mongolian version)

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Final review : empowering local authorities to implement climate change & energy transition (English version)

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