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They share GERES' values and trust our capacity to carry out the projects taht they have chosen to support. These projects are conducted for the benefit of the populations, their economic development and the preservation of the environment.



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Abbé Pierre Foundation

Logo Fondation Abb PierreAbbé Pierre Foundation tries to allow isolated people, socialy and economicly excluded to access to independent housing, a true "home" for everyone is the main objectives of the Abbé PierreFondation.



Alstom Foundation

Alstom logoSince 2007, the Alstom Foundation has championed humanitarian initiatives that deal with economic development of local communities mindful of the environment, environmental education and awareness, social support, nature preservation.


Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation

Apprentis dAuteuil LOGOApprentis d’Auteuil is a Catholic foundation, certified by the French State since 1929 as promoting the public interest. The foundation supports more then 30 000 young people and families in distress through educational and insertion programs and training courses in France and worldwide.


blue moon fund

blue-moon-fundIn its efforts to protect landscapes and livelihoods threatened by climate change, blue moon looks to identify blue-moon-fundapproaches that place human well-being at their center, that take advantage of market mechanisms, that are applicable across geographies, and have the potential for long-term sustainability. blue moon fund is willing to take risks and to try unconventional forms of philanthropy to achieve its objectives. It is initiative-based, with a hands-on staff dedicated to crafting holistic solutions to key issues on three continents.



Good Planet Foundation

Fondation Goodplanet LOGOCreated in 2005, the Goodplanet Foundation offers artistic and educational projects to raise ecological awareness around the world. The foundation’s aim is not only to raise awareness, but also to encourage concrete actions for the planet and its inhabitants.

Humus Foundation

Fondation Humus 2016Created in 2011 by the Dumont family, who had been promoting and developing organic farming, green building and alternative medicine for 30 years, the HUMUS Fund aims at protecting biodiversity and wildlife, keeping man at the heart of all projects. So as to play an important part in the protection of biodiversity, Humus wishes to gather and create networks of scientists, researchers, companies and citizens ready to work together to reach that objective.


Kronenbourg Foundation

Fondation Kronenbourg LOGOCreated in 1994, the Kronenbourg Foundation is committed along with employment companies to boost vulnerable urban and rural areas in Alsace, France. Over the years, the Foundation opened up to other sectors, like culture or nature, as for instance: promote responsible consumption, reduce carbon footprint... 

Lord Michelham of Hellingly Foundation

fondation lord michelham HD transpFounded in 1984 by Lord Michelham of Hellingly and his wife Lady Michelham, the foundation supports, in Switzerland and around the world, projects for the elderly and poor people, disabled person and their family. The foundation also operates in the field of international solidarity in partnership with associations and NGOs in the development of technologies adapted to local techniques.


Louis Dreyfus Foundation

Fondation Louis Dreyfus logoThe Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to promote projects in the areas of sustainable agriculture, food security and self-sufficiency, particularly through education and direct support to farmers, with a specific focus on developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Nexans Foundation

Nexans Fondation FR newThe Nexans Foundation aims at helping and supporting solidraity initiatives throughout the world, and especially projects that contribute to reducing energy poverty.


Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

fa2The foundation seeks to be a catalyst for projects and solutions in favour of the environment. It encourages fair, sustainable management of natural resources, taking a people-centred approach to all its projects. It supports the implementation of ethical and innovative solutions in three major fields: climate change, water, biodiversity.


Raja Foundation - Danièle Marcovici

Fondation RajaCreated by "Fondation de France" in 2006, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation supports programs and projects to help women in France and around the world. Its main focus is on three areas: women's rights, work and education, health and social mobilization.


Rexel Foundation

Fondation REXEL LOGOCreated in 2013, the Rexel Foundation has developed numerous initiatives to drive energy progress. The Group’s intent in creating its Foundation was to contribute its skills and expertise to the fight against fuel poverty. Through this commitment, Rexel wants to produce a positive impact on the economy, education, the environment, health and safety.

Schneider Electric Foundation

Fondation Schneider Electric LOGOThe Schneider Electric Foundation works since 1998 for training courses in the energy business and for the development of entrepreneurship. The aim of Schneider Electric Foundation is to contribute to the development of the populations and the communities through education, awareness-raising, and through professional training in the energy field.

Itancia Foundation

intanciaThe Itancia endowment fund supports practical and innovative projects in France and Africa in the shape of grass-roots initiatives that strive, each in their own way, to help protect our planet. It provides a platform for projects that prove to us that there is another way.



solinergySoliNergy is an endowment fund set up by CertiNergy, which aims to combat energy poverty. It grants subsidies for activities that provide disadvantaged families with assistance and training in respect of energy-saving, targeting both individual homes, particularly in rural areas, and dilapidated urban properties.

Synergie Solaire

synergie-solaireSynergie Solaire, a cooperative plateform, intends to bring together the major stakeholders in solar energy field with the goal of supplying electrical power to humanitarian aid projects.




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Aga Khan Foundation

akfThe Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) focuses on a small numberof specific development problems by forming intellectual and financial partnershipswith organisations sharing its objectives.



Ensemble Foundation

ensembleFondation Ensemble is a private foundation recognized by the state as serving the public interest. Its mission, clearly defined in its articles of association, is: "All actions undertaken take into account environmental factors and integrate environmental protection of all living plant and animal species".


EDF Foundation

FondationEDF LogoBased on 30 years of strong commitment, the EDF Foundation has made solidarity its priority. It works in three areas: social inclusion, autonomy, humanitarian intervention. Every year, it brings its support to more than 150 projects in France and across the world in order to help each one in finding their place. To do so, they mobilize more and more employees from the EDF Group to support these projects and the key actors for social innovation in the field.

Fondation de France

Fondation de France.svgSince 1969, Fondation de France has been supporting concrete and innovative projects that address the needs of the people faced with the problems caused by the rapid evolution of our society. It takes action in three fields: helping the vulnerable, nurturing the mind, and acting for the environment.



GDF Suez Foundation

gdfsuezThe GDF SUEZ foundation brings its support for projects, and for their carriers, who join on one hand : actions of solidarity (help to the persons in situation of precariousness in : health, educational, energy) and on the other hand in environmental actions in the aim to protect the biodiversity and the ecosystems, to fight against the global warming and to enhance the existing cultural heritage (stained-glass windows, public gardens) and developing a new one.


Legallais Foundation

legallaisLegallais foundation tries to contribute to the improvement of the everyday life of the vulnerable populations; favor the transmission of the craft know-how; and more generally support and encourage, in a significant way, projects which defend the values of the company : corporate social responsibility and environmental respect.

Linda Norgrove Foundation

Linda Norgrove Foundation logoThe Linda Norgrove Foundation is a grant-giving trust that funds education, health and childcare for women and children affected by the war in Afghanistan.


MACIF Foundation

macifThe Macif Foundation establishes, develops, supports and assists social innovation initiatives, with special focus on environmental issues. In this way, it seeks to offer original, innovative responses to the major societal issues of our time and help to improve people's lives. Its work is based on public interest programmes put together and implemented jointly with local, national and international partners. The Foundation sees partnership and localism as the key to its success and works in close co-operation with socio-economic stakeholders on the ground, through its national and regional representative offices.


Nature and Discovery Foundation

nedThe Nature and Discovery Foundation, working under the aegis of the Foundation of France, initiates projects in metropolitan France, French-speaking Africa and Overseas.  It is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  At the interface between the national (national biodiversity strategy) and international (red list of threatened species) issues tackled by IUCN France, the Foundation makes the link between global problems and the local activities it funds.


Nicolas Hulot Foundation

fnhThis foundation acts to protect the environment. It aims at raising awareness of the human impact on climate change, water and biodiversity.



Poweo Foundation

poweoThe POWEO corporate foundation aims at facilitating, directly or indirectly, access to energy for the most disadvantaged African populations to help them meet their essential needs. To achieve these objectives, POWEO works in many different fields, including investment, training, innovation and promotion of new equipment.


Pro Victimis Foundation

provictimisCreated in 1988, the Pro Victimis Foundation works with developing countries to improve in a sustainable way the life of the most vulnerable communities. To promote socio-economic development for the poorest, Pro Victimis financially supports projects or programs implemented by non-governmental organizations, community associations and social entrepreneurs.



Solidarity Accor

Fonds de dotation Solidarity Accor logoSolidarity Accor aims to link cultures and support the development of vulnerable people while fostering their integration into their community. The foundtaion supports socially-responsible actions initiated by the Group’s employees and its partners in countries where Accor is present with the goal to insert and empower disadvantaged and socially isolated people.

Un monde par tous

Un monde par tous logoThe Un monde par tous foundation aims at achieving the objectives of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, more especially, undertake and support: actions to foster dialogue among humankind, societies and peoples in conflict; research to foster the emergence of energies and potential forcreativity of those who suffer and are excluded to promote the construction of a world by all.


Robin Hood Institute

Institut Robin des BoisThe Robin Hood Institute is an independent charity which considers human beings to be their main preoccupation. Its aim is to fund human size projects in the form of donations, in developing countries especially in Africa, in order to meet local needs to improve the standard of living in accordance with local cultures.

The Veolia Environment Foundation

veoliaThe Veolia Environment Foundation supports non-profit-making initiatives in the general interest, which work in favour of sustainable development in France and abroad. Its aim is to assist projects in the fields of solidarity, occupational integration and the environment. Find out more about the humanitarian aid program of the Veolia Foundation.