GERES’ governance

Since March 2011, GERES governance has been organized at five separate levels :

1. The Board (CA), represented by the President and within the scope of the powers granted to it by the Annual General Meeting, takes decisions concerning the smooth functioning of the association’s administration, its non-profit management and its policy choices. The Board delegates some powers to the General Director (DG), who is responsible for executive control of the association.

As regards GERES team of employees:

2. The extended executive board (CODIR-E) comprises the whole HQ management team, including the DG, together with country, region and unit directors. It is periodically consulted at the request of the DG or CA concerning strategic issues (HQ resources, medium/long term policy goals, partnerships, etc.). Its decisions are mainly taken at the annual strategy review meeting but may also require a limited number of mid-term meetings during the year. Decisions are taken by majority vote, with the DG having the casting vote if necessary.

3. The executive boards (CODIR) comprise at least the DG and two directors, including a minimum of one country, region or unit director. A CODIR is therefore a somewhat elastic body, usually made up of between three and eight directors (if more directors are concerned, the decision would normally requiring a CODIR-E). Several CODIRs are convened each month, concerning decisions to be taken in consultation with one or several country or thematic directors, on the basis of consensus or, failing this, with the DG having the final say. These decisions are taken on a real-time basis and reported to all members of the CODIR-E.

4. Directors, in the shape of country, region and unit directors along with the heads of HQ departments, have decision-making powers as regards day-to-day management. Every director will have their own management methods and may organize governance at their own level in a particular way, but making sure to share any decisions taken with HQ and the other entities concerned on a regular basis. These directors as a whole make up the CODIR-E.

5. The HQ management team (HQM) means the group of HQ directors, i.e. the General Director and the heads of HQ departments. HQM is in charge of day-to-day issues relating to HQ activities and regularly reports on its decisions and discussions to all members of the CODIR-E.





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