The board

he association is administered by a Board (CA), which meets at least twice a year. Meeting reports circulate within the members of the Board.

Acting as guarantor of the smooth administrative running and not-for-profit management of the organization, it comprises volunteer members elected at the Annual General Meeting and has the widest powers to act in the association’s name, decide on and carry out all operations related to its purpose in connection with resolutions approved by the Annual General Meeting.

GERES Board is made up of at least eight members selected from amongst the active members and, as far as possible, ensures diverse, balanced representation from the world of administrations and local authorities, scientists and researchers, professionals and private individuals, NGOs, etc..

The Board members are elected for four years by the Annual General Meeting and half of them must retire/stand for re-election every two years. The Board is duly registered at the Préfecture. In the event of a vacancy, the Board must make up its numbers through co-option within two months of the vacancy arising, subject to ratification by the next Annual General Meeting.


Composition of the Board

(As of July 7th, 2017)


  • Président : Marie-Noëlle REBOULET
  • Vice-président : Frédéric BŒUF
  • Treasurer : Sophie IBOS
  • Secretary : Eric BUCHET

Other Board members

  • Brigitte BLED
  • Thierry CABIROL
  • Jean-Claude CHASSAGNOUX
  • Pierre DUCRET
  • Michel HAMELIN
  • Vincent PRIORI
  • Jean-Paul PRUVOST
  • Noémie ZAMBEAUX

Executive director

Executive management of GERES activities is handled by General Director Laurence TOMMASINO, who attends Board meetings.

Staff delegation

Board meetings are also attended by staff representatives

  • Full members : Camille ANDRE, Benjamin PALLIERE, Marc GLASS, Alexia HEBRAUD
  • Alternate : Amélie HIMPENS, Thomas MANSOURI



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