Businesses, Foundations and Endowment Funds

Becoming a partner of GERES means taking action at our side, in favor of the environment, vulnerable communities and international solidarity. Our partnerships are built up, experienced and developed as a joint enterprise.

You can:

  • See your own image in our entire social mission and support GERES work as a whole
  • Target your support on projects that reflect your convictions, in a specific or preferred area

Types of partnerships

1. Financial sponsorship

Private sponsorship represents between 15 and 20% of GERES resources and plays a vital role in implementation of projects which would never see the light of day without the support of our partner businesses, foundations and endowment funds. In fact, institutional grants generally cover 80% of the cost of programmes and are conditional on obtaining co-funding.

Your one-off, annual or multi-year support is therefore a pillar of our economic stability and enables us to fulfil our social mission.

We make a joint commitment, in an annual or multi-year agreement.

2. Skills sponsorship

Your organization can put its know-how, specific skills and/or the ad hoc support of its employees at the service of our projects. Impact or market studies, business plans for beneficiary entrepreneurs… our teams appreciate any kind of support like that.

Skills sponsorship is also the subject of a partnership agreement.

3. Giving in kind

You can help GERES to produce communications media, support the dissemination of our messages or make premises available for events. In this way, you will be providing material aid and taking part in our awareness-raising and skills transfer activities.


Brochure & contact

To find out more about the opportunities to support GERES actions through sponsorship operations, you can download our brochure:

Your contact person at GERES:

Hasna Oujamaa, Sponsorships Manager
+33 (0)4 42 18 55 88 –

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