Four reasons to trust GERES

1. International expertise

We have almost 40 years’ experience of tackling sustainable energy and solidarity issues. GERES is now acknowledged as a world expert in its field. This gives you the assurance that you are taking part in programmes that aim for large-scale impacts and linking your organization to innovative, forward-looking projects.

The eighteen national and international awards won by GERES bear witness to the effectiveness of its activities and operational practices.

Prince Charles presents Ashden Awards for innovative environmental projects

2. Transparency and control


GERES financial statements and annual reports are published every year on this website. You are free to consult them. Moreover, GERES provides all its partners, both public and private funders, with specific technical and financial reports enabling them to monitor the implementation of the programmes and check that funds have been properly allocated.

Quality assurance

GERES transparency and sound management is regularly acknowledged. At the beginning of 2011, the magazine Capital classed GERES amongst the best managed NGOs. The survey covered 80 French associations. Also, since 2012, in order to go a step further, GERES has voluntarily committed to a quality assurance and transparency approach with the independent IDEAS organization. Click here to find out more!

Audits and evaluations

Most of our programmes are co-funded by demanding and very experienced public funders, such as the European Commission and French Development Agency. Consequently, GERES is regularly subject to evaluations and financial audits, both internal and external. In addition, as provided by law, GERES accounts are audited and certified by an independent auditor each year who gives a detailed opinion on the association’s use of resources.

3. Closeness and sharing

At GERES, we attach particular importance to the quality of our partnerships.

In 2010, GERES received the Special Jury Prize at the Sponsorship Trophies organized by the Ministry of Ecology in recognition of all its private partnerships.

In addition to occasional meetings at which partners can discuss matters face-to-face with a specific contact person, we have a system of organizing meetings with several of our partners. These help us to get to know each other, reflect on key issues and share good practice.

You can also undertake monitoring or evaluation missions in the field and give the community of partners involved in the same projects as you the benefit of your impressions.

partner meeting in 2018

4. A binding charter of values

GERES has based its development on essential values, principles and conduct, which underpin the trusting relationship between the organization, its partners, its funders and the final beneficiaries.

We are bound by five clear ethical principles and five clear operational principles, meaning that you can be assured of the consistency of and justification for our activities.

Download our charter of values

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