Partners’ testimony

The Abbé Pierre Foundation shares common values with GERES and a concern to help the most vulnerable people. Making sure that projects take account of the environment is a position we support. As the partner of a field operator, it is important for us to get feedback on the work. Events give us an opportunity to discuss with the leaders of the projects we support, encouraging exchange of information and experience and enabling us to be in contact with the issues and challenges in the field.”

Dominique-Cécile Varnat, Director of the International Solidarity unit
Abbé Pierre Foundation

With CVTC-Change solidaire, our aim was to contribute to development by inventing a new source of funding: our commitment is proportionate to a traditional banking activity, foreign-exchange transactions, both our own and those undertaken on behalf of clients. We have chosen to target our support over three years on the GERES project to build 1000 passive solar houses in the Indian Himalayas, because it seeks to meet several of the Millennium Development Goals and we already know GERES and the quality of its work.”

Jean-Louis Bancel, President
Crédit Coopératif Group


Our Foundation is interested in fundamental human needs, placing social innovation at the heart of its work. What attracts us is the ability of projects run by GERES to change things. The idea that there should be a before and after and that communities should see the benefit. With GERES, above all we have the assurance that activities will be faultlessly conducted and we shall be able to appreciate their success.”

Alain Philippe, President
MACIF Foundation


The partnership of Synergie Solaire and GERES has developed around a shared vision: access to renewable energy for everyone, setting up sustainable projects and the desire to work with local people to meet their needs. Synergie Solaire particularly supports the solar power initiatives developed by GERES in developing countries. We are driven by the same desire to promote entrepreneurship and solidarity, values which GERES strives to implement in many projects around the world.”

Hélène Demaegdt, Director
Synergie Solaire Endowment Fund

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