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    Every donation helps us disseminate our solution to roll back poverty and preserve the environment everywhere we work, in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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  • Bioclimatic solutions in Central Asia

    Central Asia has an unforgiving continental climate. GERES is implementing bioclimatic solutions for housing and agricultural techniques.

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  • Energy access in West Africa

    In West Africa, GERES is working on energy access in rural areas, the improvement of cooking techniques and the support to local authorities facing climate change.

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  • Sustainable forest management in Southeast Asia

    In Southeast Asia, sound management of biomass resources is a key challenge. GERES is striving to find solutions to help communities reduce their fuel consumption.

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  • Energy transition in Europe and around the Mediterranean

    In Europe and the Maghreb, GERES is striving to assist all stakeholders in entering into a new and more sustainable era for everyone.

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