The priority operating area where GERES has historically implemented its projects in France is the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region. At the crossroads of the Alps and the Mediterranean, the varied territory of the PACA region is subject to contrasting geo-climatic influences. The sun (300 days of sunshine per year), wood (the forest occupies 38% of the region’s area), wind (between 100 and 200 days per year in the lower Rhône Valley) and water (glacial valleys of the Hautes Alpes) constitute important local resources. Its 5 million inhabitants, unevenly distributed over the territory, cause particularly strong human pressure on the coast and Rhone valley. Its impact and demand for resources now poses several major challenges for the region:

  • Energy supply
  • Waste management and maintaining soil fertility
  • Social solidarity

These energy, social and environmental issues, abundantly clear for several decades, have finally reached the agenda of the public authorities which now, sharing GERES priorities, see the need to limit demand for resources, relocalize lifestyle impacts and support social solidarity.

GERES in France

With 8 associates, GERES France is a major player on the regional and national environmental scene.  Since 1976, GERES France has advised and assisted the public authorities and economic sectors with regard to:

  • controlling energy expenditure : promoting energy savings in residential and public buildings, introducing innovative energy services particularly in the agricultural sector; informing and advising the general public
  • waste management and recycling : promoting composting
  • bringing vulnerable communities into programmes to improve home energy efficiency
  • relocalizing energy production and governance of its impacts: hydroelectricity, wind power, biogas

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