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Strategic support for the development of labels to promote energy efficiency in Mongolia and Tajikistan

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The main impact expected from the ECODEV program in its third phase is to involve all the necessary public and private actors in each sector in a sustainable manner, around large-scale programs and financing that will allow for massive dissemination. To this end, we are supporting the emergence of quality labels in Morocco “FaranEco”, in Mongolia “Dulaan Shiidel” and in Tajikistan “Khonai Sabz”.

On the subject of labeling and the establishment of quality labels, Geres does not have significant experience, a preliminary study was conducted in 2021 on experiences of structuring quality labels by comparing existing projects in contexts and for products similar to those of our projects. This study allowed us to make an initial assessment of the lessons learned from the labeling process in order to understand the key success factors, the difficulties and the main pillars on which this type of structure is based.

Today, we are convinced of the relevance of the “quality label” vehicle for structuring the sector, making dissemination sustainable and bringing about a change in scale. The quality label can help align and articulate public and private actors to enable the development of structured programs aimed at the dissemination of locally produced and distributed sustainable energy goods and services.

The major objective is now to organize the structuring and institutionalization of 2 labels, which do not yet exist in a formal and complete way (the label in Morocco which has a formal existence and whose structuring has already been initiated is not included in this consultancy).

To achieve this, Geres has some experience in social engineering and development as well as teams and relationships with stakeholders. However, this work has significant challenges in how to include stakeholders and balance the governance and business model.

This consultancy will focus on the two quality labels being developed in Mongolia and Tajikistan. The overall objective will be to provide strategic support for the implementation and development of the quality labels in three stages:

1/ Support to the 2 projects concerned to define the strategic axes for the creation of the labels, taking into account the contexts of intervention;

2/ Supporting the two projects to propose methodologies and tools to guide the concrete and progressive implementation of the labels in 2022 and 2023;

3/ The realization of a final report giving recommendations to each project for the sustainability of the structures.

Application requirement

Applications should be sent no later than May 2 before 8:00 pm (French time) to the following addresses: et


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