Lying at the crossroads of Central Asia, Afghanistan is an essentially mountainous country covering an area of 650,000 km2, in which 40% of the land is at an altitude of 2000 m with a continental mountain climate. The Hindu Kush, a chain of high mountains dividing the country into two parts, experiences up to 50 earthquakes per year.

Classed as one of the poorest countries in the world, Afghanistan is emerging from two decades of armed conflict but is now in the process of reconstruction. A large part of the population is affected by energy poverty. Electricity is available intermittently for barely 6% of Afghans and only one quarter of the inhabitants of Kabul have access to running water for a few hours a day. Due to a lack of heating, schools are closed for almost 6 months of the year and hospitals’ operation is severely handicapped by high energy costs.

GERES in Afghanistan

GERES has been working in Afghanistan since 2002 to assist in the reconstruction of Afghanistan by disseminating energy efficient techniques firstly in public buildings (hospitals and government offices) and then in the development of income-generating agricultural activities. In 2010, 2 projects have been implemented representing 900,000€ of annual budget. GERES Afghanistan’s headquarters are situated in Kabul and 2 offices are in Bamyan and Kapisa provinces. The team counts 46 local employees and 2 expatriates, with a new country manager.

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