19 January 2022

A selection of our field activities in 2021

So here we are, with 2022 starting to show its face, time to take stock! Despite the health crisis and political instability in particular territories, the energy transition is moving forward and gaining strength. Overview of the activities and projects undertaken.

Focus on the Mediterranean

In France, the battle against energy poverty is hotting up

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, efforts to combat energy poverty were on the increase, especially at the end of the year.

On the national day of action on energy poverty, the Geres Europe-Mediterranean teams, together with their partner NGO WECF, organized workshops in Marseille for households, schools and health professionals to raise awareness of the issue.

Find out more about our programme to combat energy poverty in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

Look (again) at the coverage of a workshop devoted to the links between health and energy in housing.

This video was produced in November 2021 with the inhabitants of “Les Crottes”, a district of Marseille.

From a more educational perspective, the Geres France and Europe-Mediterranean team also published two guides and a technical study:

    Geres raises awareness about fuel poverty and health in Marseille

    In Marseille, Geres launched #TuGères, the first programme on social media dedicated to helping young people take up the challenges of Climate Solidarity. Held between October and early December, all the training sessions were facilitated by members of Geres and local influencers.

    Art exhibition promoting the sustainable development goals, raising awareness of recycling in schools, challenging the general public to face the issues,  podcasts… The topics and formats look promising.

    Pending the official presentation of each individual project, you can already follow Yoan on Tiktok, or Marion and Gaël and Kelly and Marie Khane on Instagram. And if you want to keep the festive spirit going, take a look at the socially responsible Advent calendar produced by three of our female students at the graduate school of management in Aix en Provence.

    Find out more about the first year of Tu Gères

    In Morocco, renovation work is starting on several schools in Midelt

    energy renovation school morocco midelt geres

    In Midelt region, high in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, work is getting under way to improve the energy efficiency of five classrooms in four primary schools in Midelt. Several awareness days on energy and climate have also been organized with pupils to inaugurate the building and renovation work.

    • Still in Morocco, but in a completely different sector, Geres trained more and more users of highly energy-efficient ovens (FaranEco) in 2021. The main targets are bakeries and restaurants. A new feature for 2021, changing lives for the most modest businesses: facilitating access to green micro-finance and financial inclusion for bakery professionals. It is worth noting that Geres and its local partners are also piloting the development of a women’s sales network and the creation of inclusive green jobs.
    • In two Moroccan regions, Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima and Souss-Massa, Geres  is fostering the emergence and consolidation of Energy and Climate Information Services (SIEC), adapted to local conditions, mobilizing Civil Society Organizations amongst others.

    In Tunisia, boosting the power of citizens and professionals to take action on energy and the climate

    • In the towns of Sousse, Nabeul and Bizerte, Energy and Climate Information Services (SIEC) are also being developed. These serve as teaching tools designed to support the energy and ecological transition by involving local stakeholders in awareness, training, advisory and/or support activities.

    The SIEC have a genuine role as an observatory of energy behaviour.

    More broadly, the aim is to enable civil society to play its part in the energy and ecological transition and empower citizens and professionals to take action. How? By strengthening dynamic local Civil Society Organizations so that they can take the initiative within national and international networks.

    Focus on West Africa

    In Mali, a new green business zone under construction

    actions mali 2021
    • In the village of Moro-Moro, Kayes region, work to build a new Green Business Area using compressed earth bricks (a local resource) began in January. Inauguration is planned for 2022! The objective: supporting rural entrepreneurship and facilitating access to finance for the small businesses setting up in the area, all surrounded by bioclimatic buildings.
    • In Koutiala, Geres was invited in April to the Malian Cultural and Artistic Melting Pot Festival (FECAK).   On that occasion, our local team organized a conference on the role of energy in adding value to agricultural produce, the struggle against the effects of climate change and the promotion of local entrepreneurship. On the same day, the Mali team provided training to around a dozen young people on the operation of photovoltaic energy in a Green Business Area.

    In Benin, further action to reduce pressure on the forest and improve local living conditions

    Among the broad thrusts of the project: not only meeting people’s energy needs through the development of rational charcoal production techniques, but also preserving and restoring forest cover in the long term. Activities are due to end in summer 2022.

    actions benin 2021 climate deforestation geres

    In Senegal, NGOs are mobilizing to protect the “Senegal River”

    • In October, Geres and several local NGOs took part in a series of co-building workshops to preserve the resources of the Senegal River, an environmental challenge and development vector.

    Focus on Central Asia

    In Tajikistan, 94 households escape energy poverty and two new projects come into being

    What happened in Tajikistan in 2021

    The autumn also saw the emergence of two important new projects on Tajik territory:

    A project dedicated to sustainable housing, which aims to develop highly energy-efficient housing solutions capable of coping with the Tajik climate.

    A project by the name of “Dynamo” to boost the ability of young Tajiks to take action against climate change.

    In Mongolia, the fight against atmospheric pollution continues

    Renovating schools in Mongolia with Geres-1
    • Spotlight on the Ger district, in the vulnerable urban areas of Ulan-Bator, which also goes by the unfortunate name of “most polluted capital in winter”. Since 2018, a housing renovation project has been striving to improve the living conditions of poor communities by rolling out sustainable energy and financial solutions.

    Over the first quarter of 2021: 178 energy assessments were carried out and 11 new households were able to insulate their homes thanks to their own investment and a green loan.

    And with the aid of the advice and tailored instructions from the local teams, 275 households are implementing simple insulation solutions in their homes. In addition, 100 further households received a subsidy to insulate their roofs: an approach designed to increase the visibility of these simple solutions in the neighbourhood. 

    Find out more about the energy renovation project for precarious housing in the urban areas of Ulan-Bator

    In Afghanistan, highly energy-efficient equipment is to be installed in 1200 additional homes

    In spring 2021, Geres and its partners launched a project to install highly energy-efficient equipment in 1200 homes in the capital and the Badakshan region of Afghanistan.

    Objective: to limit wood consumption, promote better forest resource management and create jobs in vulnerable communities.

    Since summer 2021, Geres has chosen to suspend its activities in view of the political troubles and insecurity in the territory.

    Focus on South-East Asia

    In Cambodia, 30 textile factories are working with Geres to make the industry more sustainable

    What happened in cambodia in 2021

    In Cambodia, 30 textile factories are working with Geres to make the industry more sustainable

    These training activities, involving local elected women representatives, aim to raise community awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change.

    Find out more about the sustainable forest resource management project in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia

    In Myanmar, women are stepping up the promotion of sustainable energy kits in rural areas

    actions energy transition geres myanmar 2021

    Despite the difficult political situation, 19 women entrepreneurs have been identified and received support, of whom 16 are still working to market sustainable energy solutions in around 20 villages.

    Find out more about the energy access project for communities and households in rural Myanmar


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